The last of the sculpture presentations I wanted to make was due today. I got it turned in yesterday afternoon. Since I foresaw that I would have no self-imposed work to do today, I scheduled a time to get together with Rebecca and go yarn bombing.

The story of how Rebecca and I found each other is interesting. I have a google news alert set up with the phrase "yarn bomb" so that each day someone uses the phrase in a blog or news article I get a link to it in an email. On Feb. 1 I get a link to this page:

And right there is a photo of a yarn bomb I put out on Jan. 17! I was so excited I responded on the blog and then found her in Ravelry and continued the conversation. Long story short, we made a date to go and yarn bomb the neighborhood this afternoon. Lots of fun!!!

We hit a bike/walking trail in the neighborhood. I put out one piece made of yarn, and one of videotape. Rebecca put out 4 pieces.

I have yet to figure out how to link photos to my blog entries. You'll find pictures of today's expedition at

And check out Rebecca's blog:


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