I would never call myself a perfectionist or control freak, but I am an oldest child and have directed theater so I'm pretty good at telling people what to do, sometimes. I'm part of a co-op of artists so I'm generally good at working with other creative people and seeing a situation from a variety of sides. I am a Mennonite so I can often hold two opposite ideas at once and be OK in it.

All that said, this Acacia Park "Tree Cozies" project has had me in a bit of a tizzy. I've committed my time, energies, and scant materials to this project with the idea that I would have enough support to oversee it. And I'm really hoping I haven't misjudged the interest for it.

The lesson I may be learning here, among many, is "trust." It will be, and it will be whatever it will be. If only enough material comes in to cover one tree, it will be one tree. If enough comes in to cover five trees, that's what it will be. And I think I can be OK in that.


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