I can't figure out how to respond to a comment so I'll answer Virginia's question here and hope she sees the answer.

Virginia asked, "Hi, is there a particular reason for the color choice or is that simply random preference?"

The colors for the project are limited to blue, green, and yellow on purpose. It seemed easier to keep the color palette tight so that the individiual pieces would look as though they were created as a whole piece. And with work being contributed from a variety of fiber artists I wanted there to be a unifying theme to make the pieces feel like they made sense together.

I wanted contributors to be able to use up stash yarn rather than having to make a cash investment. And with as many different shades/variations of just those three colors, it'll be pretty dazzling anyway.

Or you may have noticed the color of my toenails in the 5/8 blog. I'm partial to blues, myself and I've been teaching kids art classes using analagous colors, which the three we've chosen are.

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