Through Bemis School of Art I was invited to come and teach classes on yarn bombing for Eagle View Middle School's art day. Working with about 60 6th-and-7th-grade students in four hour-long sessions we yarn bombed two large rocks and two benches in front of the school. 
The day got off to a slow start because the truck that we had hoped to use had transmission issues and was not available. So, eventually, we got a bigger truck. 

Jerry, from CC ground facilities got started in and the first tree cozy went up in record time. Turns out, Jerry's a whiz with cable ties and has a great eye for details.

Then we got the second tree cozy up with only a little pause to remove some branch sprouts that would muddy up the works.

Finally we got the banner strung up and discovered that it was hung too wide. So it came back down and I did some crochet work to the top of the banner while Jerry went off to get some lunch. By the time he got back the problem had been fixed and up it went.

This was by far the largest installation I've done--machinery-wise--and I'm so thankful for all of Jerry's help. I'm not authorized to run a cherry-picker and doubt that I could have done nearly as good a job as he did.