Since mid-January  I have been going to art classes at Bijou School twice a week and working with students. In mainly one-on-one settings I teach basic fiber arts concepts--how to knit, crochet, loom knit--with a specific eye toward yarn bombing.

Loom knitting has been very popular, but our supply of looms is a bit limited. We started with 8 looms and are now down to 6 (2 walked off and have yet to be returned). 

A few of the guys (that's Bobby in the dark shirt) have really taken to them. Its an interesting pattern. They watch me knit with needles and come tell me they want to learn to do that. After attempting for a few minutes to figure out how to hold the sticks they decide they can't do it. So I sit them down with a loom and they get it right away.

Here's Eric wearing a hat he made. He has a wonderful Afro so the hat needed to be a bit on the large size.
I've figured that if I knit about 4.5' a week I'll have the "Community Kitchen" banner complete in time to panic about other things in the week or two prior to the Community Kitchen's yarn bomb installation. So far I'm a little over 2 weeks in to the banner project and have over 9' done--so I'm right on target. I just finished "I" this evening. I love skinny letters!

The banner measures about 19" tall and will be 22' wide when completed.

And I currently have 13 stripes for the trees on hand. 9 were handed over last Friday at a couple of knit group meetings. The stripes will be stitched together lengthwise and wrapped around the target trees.